Essay about The Benefit of Vegetable

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The benefits of the vegetarian diet For traditional diet, our ancestor ate meat to keep warm. In order to make the meat more delicious and healthy, they discover fire and create some stone tools. However, human beings not only ambition to more healthy life but some food needs in meat can be instead by other food. Therefore meat is not necessary for human being, the nutrition in the meat have other sources to supply, the essay will argues that the benefit of the vegetarian diet, the nutrition of the meat and the adverse effects of the meat eating. Vegetarian diet not only necessary for human being’s daily life, but also for decline the risk of numerous disease. Eating foods rich in fiber such as vegetable, is associated with a …show more content…
Recently, the frequent food safety crises in China, such as dioxin, sudan red, melamine, waste oil, lean meat powder, and staining steamed buns, etc. have involved a wide varieties of food and had strong hazardness, which has made people doubt that "what can we eat now in China?"(Shu-rong 2011).Another terrible influence is farm animal may improve the air pollution. The report showed that eating meat produces more global warming than driving. While transport is responsible for 13% of climate gases, agriculture is responsible for 18%.(Korthals,2011,pp.625-629)In summary, meat eating may bad for people’s health and environment, especially the green house effect of pollution. In conclusion, vegetarian diet will more healthy, easy to weight loss, and good for health. Other benefits including high protein and lower risk of disease are also significant for vegetarian diet. Thus meat is not necessary for daily meals, the food needs of the meat can be substitute for other food source.

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