The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath Essay

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Sylvia Plath was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1932 (“Sylvia,” St. James Encyclopedia). When she was eight years old, her father passed away, which had a great influence on many of her works including “Daddy,” a poem comparing the horrors of Nazism to the horrors of her relationship with her father (“Sylvia,” St. James Encyclopedia). Her father was Polish and was pro-Germany during the holocaust (Ames 3). After his death, the Plath family moved to Wellesly, an upper-middle-class suburb of Boston. At the Wellesly house, Plath was inspired to express her “antithetical attitudes” towards existence in her writings (“Sylvia,” Encyclopedia). She was obsessed with death and had ambivalent views toward the world (“Sylvia,” Encyclopedia).
Sylvia Plath wrote a semi-autobiographical novel called The Bell Jar whose central themes are related to Plath’s earlier life experiences (Ames 3). In The Bell Jar, Esther Greenwood represents Sylvia Plath (Ames 3). Both Plath and Greenwood attended Smith college and worked as guest editorials at a magazine in New York (“Sylvia,” St. James Encyclopedia). Upon returning from New York, they suffered from severe depression and attempted suicide (“Sylvia,” St. James Encyclopedia). While Greenwood never successfully committed suicide, Plath did (“Sylvia,” St. James Guide).
When Plath was thirty years old, she stuck her head into an oven and poisoned herself (“Sylvia,” St. James Guide). After Plath committed suicide, The Bell Jar grew quiet popular…

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