How Did Sylvia Plath Wrote The Bell Jar

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“The Bell Jar” by Victoria Lucas (Pseudonym of Sylvia Plath) was first time published on 14 January 1963 in the U.S of America after her death in a same year. This book was written as novel by Sylvia Lucas, but in comparison with her life before this book, we can clearly say that it is autobiographical book, where the author tries to wright her personal story but under different name, Plath choose Esther Greenwood as her protégé in the book. Both of them had experience with magazines and so-called journalism, both of them committed suicide, but had different endings. “The Bell Jar” shows the story in nonlinear plot when story goes back to Esther’s past life with Buddy Willard and college years. “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath illustrates a situation of 1950s in the world and especially in U.S of America, where the problems with oppressive men society were very high she tried to critic society of that time. Times when sexism was not a problem and society …show more content…
When she looks into the mirror and realized that she is a different person in all perspectives, from the world and especially from herself. Sylvia Plath choose “Bell Jar” as name of a book to show this moment because, when Esther looked into the mirror and realized that she is no more person that she was, emotionally Esther been trapped inside the “Bell Jar”, these changes in her life stops her emotional feelings and functioning as a human. Book shows us scenes when Sylvia’s protégé even refuses to take a shower, and make her emotionally empty, this “Bell jar”, in addition there were no happiness after, “Bell Jar” steals it.
The main message of “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath is equality for women and feminism; the novel is a protest against social-norms where women represent as house slaves, and a protest of the expectations that females must fulfill to be fully considered successful in the society of U.S.A and

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