The Beliefs Of Different Religious Groups On Drugs Essay

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Chapter 1 of the text “Saying Yes” is about the beliefs of different religious groups on drugs. Each religious groups have some different point of views on how they feel towards drugs, the of drugs, and the harm that drugs can do to an individual. These religious groups believe that our body is our temple and we should not put anything in it that would cause harm. The religious groups that have shown their point of views on drug the Mormons and Muslims.
There was a Mormon prophet by the name of Joseph Smith who had gotten addicted to tobacco, and the mormons had came to conclusion that tobacco was not meant for the body. Alcoholic and hot beverages such as teas and coffee should also be condemned for use. The church of the Latter-Day Saints teaches there members of their church that all substances that harmful to the body should be avoided as well as drugs that do not pertain to medical attention. Mormons see that their is no difference from the use of coffee, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine they all fall under the same umbrella and should not be put into the body and disrupts the spirituality of an individual. Mormons and Muslims believe that there is no difference between drugs and alcohol. Mormons believe that the use of drugs leads to addiction and it hinders the holy spirit and believes that the pleasure someone receives from drinking, the risk does not exceeds the risk that comes along with using drugs. A muslim by name of Muhammad also had some issues with…

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