Essay on The Behaviors Of Medical Staff

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The behaviors of medical staff in the play Wit by Margaret Edson (1998) allow us to view different circumstances that take place. In the play, patients are supposed to be the main focus of all care. Susie Monahan, the primary nurse of one patient, Vivian Bearing, who suffers from stage four ovarian cancer, is one of the few health professionals whose caring attributes display the principle that the focus of care should be on the patient. However, if Monahan was part of the collaborating team, she would have been more assertive as a nurse and would not have struggled with the ethics in nursing, thus allowing her true identity as a nurse to show earlier in the play. Susie Monahan is not part of the collaborating team. Collaboration is when different disciplines work together to achieve a common goal. In addition, members of a team must value inputs and contributions from all other members of that team. Furthermore, collaboration will allow care to flow more efficiently to the patient. Different issues about the course of action of the patient treatment plans are discussed. In Wit, the teams are basically Dr. Harvey Kelekian and Dr. Jason Posner when it comes to actively setting the chemotherapy course for Bearing. Therefore, Monahan’s inputs are not valued and simply disregarded. Edson ( 1998) illustrates a few examples of this in the play. When Bearing is admitted to the infirmary with increased temperature and is in an immunocompromised state, Monahan…

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