The Behavioral And Cognitive Perspectives Essay

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In the teaching profession as an Integrated Science teacher, for the past six years, I must agree that students do learn differently. As teachers we must cater to their various learning styles or we will be faced with students who gets bored or those who stare at us in bewilderment and confusion over not being able to understand the lesson. If we consider this very important fact that not all our students are the same, then when planning and preparing as good teachers we will include strategies and activities which will keep their minds occupied, focused and busy. There are several perspectives which have been proposed in educational psychology. This essay will look mainly at the Behavioral and Cognitive perspectives and the role that they play in a classroom setting. The major behaviorists include John Watson, known as the father of behaviorism; Ivan Pavlov, best known for classical conditioning; B.F. Skinner, known for operant conditioning; and Edward Thorndike, known for the law of effect.
The Behavioral perspective looks at learning and behavior and explained to be that of stimulus-response relationships. The type of environment created in the classroom influences the behavior of students. People become conditioned, or molded, to respond in certain ways based on responses and this is in regards to feedback, praise and rewards. Students tend to perform better if they receive praise upon the completion of an assignment or participate more freely in class if their…

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