The Begging Of The Scripture Pauls Essay

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In the begging of the scripture Pauls gives Greetings and praise to God for all his many Blessings. This was Paul’s first prayer. The prayer speaks of the salvation being the grace of God .Grace has saved us .we were taken up in Christ, he had taken our place on the cross taken our transgressions .Christ and us are equal shows there is no measure in God’s grace when you have faith. Paul explains salvation is not from your own doing .It is the Gift of God .no works can repay the gifts of Christ.Pauls audiences is the Jew and the gentile being united in Christ Jesus.
The Paul’s explanation entails God‘s secret Known to the new world. Paul encourages the fellow believers to live their life with value. He reminds the people to remember where they have come from. He specified to the gentiles without the blood they were away from God. He emphasize Jesus has brought unity between the circumcised and uncircumcised. Paul explains That God’s plan was intentionally to have Jew and gentile to live amongst one another. He explains the new way of life is of unity and brotherhood of all mankind. He speaks that God love is for all mankind. Paul speaks to the crowned about the wisdom and revelation Jesus’ Christ, The reason, Jesus has all power an authority above all names for the present and future. He has all power ,the church is the body of him .In the past gentiles were followers of the world.. Unlike like everyone else all was sinners but changed by the grace of god and mercy of his…

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