The Beatles : The Greatest Influential People ( Fab ) Essay

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Did you know, that The Beatles have been named, collectively, as among the 20th Century’s most influential people (Fab). The Beatles is a phenomenal band that made a huge impact on the world and how it is today. The following will describe who The Beatles are, how they met, and how they changed music. The imprint they made on people and music will forever be remembered.
The Beatles, is a very famous rock group that formed their band around the 1960s. When the band first formed in 1958, it was named Johnny and the Moondogs. Then, in 1960, the band name was changed to the Silver Beetles, and a few months later they dropped the “Silver” and modified “Beetles” into “Beatles”. The band 's music excited people from all over the world. The Beatles were nothing like anyone had ever heard, they were exceptional songwriters and playful musicians.They had an immense variety of harmonies, structures, and sound. People liked them because they were very unique and different (Rolling). The Beatles group is comprised of John Lennon, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist, Paul McCartney, singer, songwriter and bassist, with George Harrison on rhythm guitar and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) on drums. However, when the band first formed, their line up was slightly different. They had a bassist that was John Lennon’s friend named Stu Sutcliffe, who left the band in April 1961 to become a painter. The group also had a few drummers before Ringo Starr. There was a man named Tommy Moore but he…

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