The Beach Boys Movie Analysis

This scenes in this movie went back and forth during the 1960’s and 1980’s, and it is mainly about a songwriter and recording savant Brian Wilson. He was an extremely gifted and talented member of the band called “The Beach Boys”, and he was able to create music in his head. Brian could hear complex harmonies which nobody else can hear. Unfortunately, Brian Wilson’s had a really bad relationship with his father (Murray Wilson) because he was an extremely violent person who always yell and beat Brian when he was young back in the 60’s, and his left ear even got deaf because of his father. Murray Wilson was Brian’s ex-manager. He began to take drugs such as LSD and cocaine. This led to obsessiveness, paranoia and hallucinations like seeing things …show more content…
The “Beach Boys” were very famous rock band back in those days, and they were from California. I learned that Brian Wilson suffered not only from drug abuse, but also mental illness. The film depicted the difficult price that Brian Wilson paid when composing the harmonies, lyrics and harmonies for the Pet Sounds album. The Beach Boy’s very first album was called “Surfin”. These frustration in life helped provide Brian inspiration when composing his music. Also, I think the film did a good job in displaying the contrast between the behavior of Brian during the 60’s and the 80’s. He seemed to become another person within 20 years. Brian was a very enthusiastic person back when he was young, with lots of creative great ideas popping out from his head. Brian loved to create music because that was the way to escape from his chaotic father’s maltreatment. Brian was the leader of the band and he composed most of the music in their albums. Unfortunately, as he got older and suffered many years of mental illness, Brian started to act weird. He became an old men who was distanced and theatrical. Besides, he also acted like a child and became timid very easily. His creative mind from the 60’s disappeared and he seemed to have difficulties in creating new music under the pressure of Dr. Eugene Landy. Brian’s wife

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