The Battle Of The World War II Essay

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The Battle of Midway has been described by some as a turning point in World War II. Occurring just six months after the devastating attack by Japan on the United States Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Japan believing they had weakened and frightened the United States now felt it was time for a secondary attack and full blown occupation of the island of Midway. Chosen not for any resources or because it had great facilities; Midway was chosen by Japan because of the islands location. “Aptly named, it sat in the middle of the Pacific at the far tip of the Hawaiian chain some 1,300 miles northwest of Oahu. (33) Japan still high off of their “victory” at Pearl Harbor ran supreme in the pacific; all allied forces were capable of at the time were reacting to Japan’s moves. (22) This battle has been a major area of study, and debated over by many navy and military historians. Some believe it was truly the turning point in the war and others believe feel that the battle is simple misunderstood, by people assuming Japan fought just like her counterparts in the west. Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway answers many questions about the battle primarily from the view point of the Japanese. In the spring of 1942 steaming off Japans sneak attack on America at Pearl Harbor; “which proved a spectacular success, at least superficially. Although it had left some notable loose ends in its wake—including the failure to sink any American aircraft carriers—it…

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