Essay about The Battle Of The World War II

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“Tenno Heika Banzai!” roughly translated to “long live Emperor [Hirohito],” was the famous celebratory WWII battle cry yelled by Japanese troops when they stormed into enemy lines (Tanaka). During the late 1930s, Japanese government became increasingly belligerent, which led to Japan’s entrance into WWII. Ultimately, desperate measures were taken and imperial aggression revived samurai military traditions ("World War II (1939–1945)"). The value of death before dishonor and contempt for defeat motivated soldiers to ruthlessly defend Japan (Deal). During October of 1944 towards the closing stages of WWII, the Japanese launched suicide missions as a desperate measure, and a large majority of young men voluntarily joined in this piece of the fight for the emperor. The innate values of loyalty and honor in the Bushido code; informing the notion of preserving honor in a family through death, influenced the glorification of suicide in Japanese society, helping to drive this crucial piece of the late Japanese war effort. From 1926-1989 and throughout WWII, Emperor Hirohito was theoretically a divine being and the absolute ruler of Japan. However, the Japanese government at this time was increasingly dominated by military leaders such as General Hideki Tojo, the prime minister of Japan ("World War II (1939–1945)"). Hirohito did not take much action to restrain his own government as a naturally reticent man, which allowed nationalistic officers to autonomously rule Japan. Equipped…

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