The Battle Of The War Essay

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The twentieth-century Americans waged war not only against Communist Vietnam, but also their government in the fight to end the war. The beginning of the war in Vietnam had Americans proud that their country was fighting for what was right against the Communists, but society 's opinion changed over the course of the war. The American people’s opinions shifted because soldiers were killing civilians, the draft was prejudiced, nothing was being done about equality at home, and the people lost faith in the government.

The American people’s opinions shifted by learned about the cruel actions soldiers took against civilians. Barringer tells how “stories of drug trafficking, political assassinations, and indiscriminate bombings led many to believe that military and intelligence services had lost all accountability.” Reactions to these horrific stories ranged from being shocked, angry, and disappointed, but overall made the citizens agree the war needed to stop. Soldiers were killing Vietnamese civilians because they were aiding the Communists. The soldiers could not tell who was helping and who was on their side because many acted friendly. Because soldiers could not identify targets, they were commanded to shoot whoever. The public did not like this at all, Mooney tells how one Sergeant related, “It was murder.” Soldiers were marching in and decimating towns at a time. My Lai, a town that was thought to contain Viet Cong, was wiped off the map when the soldiers were told to go…

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