Essay on The Battle Of The Somme

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"The Somme set the picture by which future generations saw the First World War: hapless soldiers; blundering obstinate generals; nothing achieved."
-A.J.P Taylor
One of the ways the Battle of the Somme had significance in World War One was the attritional wearing down of the German army. The war took a turning point in 1916, up until then some kind of peace could have been reached and an agreement made, this all changed in 1916. Instead of trying to break through each other’s lines the armies concentrated on simply killing as many of the enemy as they could. The German army in the Somme were largely professional and battle hardened soldiers. These men were fighting the greatest British Army ever to be in one place, they were known as 'Kitchener’s Army '. The men were hastily trained and new to the war, on the morning of the 1st of July 1916 Kitchener 's Army went over the top in parade formation. The week long preliminary artillery bombardment was meant to have completely destroyed the German trenches. This was not the case and the Fourth Army had lost 57,470 casualties, of whom 19,240 men were killed on the first day. Over the next 4 months there were 420,000 casualties for Britain and 460,000 for the Germans. At face value the loss of life looks pretty even, however, the Germans at this point were chiefly professionals and were a whole lot more valuable than the hastily trained British men. The significance of this was that a large amount of German professionals were…

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