The Battle Of The Somme Offensive Essay

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On July 1st, 1916, the foundation of today’s artillery profession was forever established. The Battle of the Somme (otherwise known as the Somme Offensive) was actually a series of battles that spanned over 141 days, from July 1st to November 18th, 1916. The Battle of the Somme would claim over one million casualties in the end. Three hundred thousand would be killed in action, effectively making this battle one of the deadliest in history. The militaries of 1916 were very tactically awkward. Commanders never before truly experimented with the concept of combine arms on this grand of a scale. This battle was famous for its advances in aerial tactics, as well as the first appearance of the British Mark 1 Tank. However, one of the key aspects of the Somme Offensive was not only did it feature one of the largest artillery barrages in history, but how it completely failed on the most crucial first day. Lessons learned from this 141 day battle forged the Royal Artillery into a first class branch, and taught the rest of the world what a well-trained and well equipped artillery could do. The very basis of the Five Requirements of Accurate Predictive Fire was forever established at the hollow grounds by the Somme River.
The stage was set in late 1915, when the Triple Entente (Allied Powers) formulated their plan for how they would defeat the German Empire in a battle of attrition (BBC, 2016). The battle was to take place where the British and French armies meet,…

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