Essay on The Battle Of The Civil War

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The American civil war remains to be the most brutal and bloody war that America has ever experienced in its history. The war started in April 1861 when the confederates, which consisted of seven southern states that seceded from the United States, attacked federal soldiers at Fort Sumter claiming that the fort was theirs (Reid & Keegan, 1999). They forced the federal soldiers to lower the United States flag as a sign of surrendering. Abraham Lincoln rose to power in 1860 and promised to abolish the slave trade. He retaliated by sending the military to control the situation but by 1862 it broke into real war. The Northerners eventually won this war. The major causes of the Civil wars are explained below.
The major cause of the differences between the Southerners and the Northerners was the issue of Slave trade. The Northern section was an industrialist and focused on shipping, manufacturing, and trading among others. On the other hand, the southern section’s economy relied majorly on agriculture. Planting and growth of crops were the major activity (Agrarian Economy). It was made possible through the slave trade where slave labor was highly relied upon by the Southern section for the production of cotton (Sears, 2015). However, the northern section did not support slavery.
Slavery was important to the confederate states. They owned slaves and would even sell and rent them out. The higher number of slaves that a person had, the high he or she was regarded. The slaves…

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