Essay about The Battle Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil War began at Fort Sumter in 1861 and lasts until 1865. This war has been referred to as the first modern war in which the Union fought the Confederacy. The North went under the label of the Union while the South was the Confederacy. The president in charge during these years was Abraham Lincoln. During the Civil War the economies and cultures of the North and the South differed in almost every factor. As stated by Foner “The population of the North and the loyal border slave states numbered 22 million in 1860, where only 9 million persons lived in the Confederacy, 3.5 million of them slaves” (Foner 404) the North had the upper hand in every aspect relating to the war. Since the population differed so did the type of people who lived in either side of the war “Each was a cross section of its society: the North’s was composed largely of farm boys, shopkeepers, artisans, and urban workers, while the South’s consisted mostly of non-slaveholding small farmers, with slave owners dominating the officer corps” (Foner 405). In regard to slavery “Well before Lincoln made emancipation a war aim, blacks, in the North and the South, were calling the conflict the “freedom war”” (Foner 412) this is due to the fact that Lincoln did not want to make the war about slavery in the fear that some would move towards the side of the Confederacy. Before the Civil War started in 1861 there was tension in the nation with regard to territorial expansion. In 1803 there was the…

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