The Battle Of Diem Bien Phu The Geneva Peace Accords Essay

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Following the Battle of Diem Bien Phu the Geneva Peace Accords were signed in 1954 and were considered a temporary resolution to conflict in Indochina. The agreement played a pivotal role in the development of both South and North Vietnam until 1964, creating instability in both regions. Politically, of one of the key elements of the peace agreement was the division of Vietnam along the 17th parallel. The division played a significant role in the social development of the North and the South. Similarly the Peace accords brought about dramatic changes to the economic situation in Vietnam.

The Geneva Peace Accords were considered a temporary resolution to conflict in Indochina, resulting in the division of Vietnam into the North and South. Vietnam was to be temporarily partitioned along the 17th parallel, with pending elections to unify the country. The elections were to be internationally supervised and held by July 1956. The north refused to accept the initial division of the country, and the scene was now set for bitter military conflict. In the North, Ho Chi Minh because president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Temporary division of Vietnam was a compromise that Ho accepted under pressure from China and the USSR. Ho had been hesitant to sign the agreement, believing that, as victors of the war, the Vietminh should have been offered more favourable terms such as communist rule over the entire of Vietnam, but US ideology prevented this. He formed a communist…

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