The Banking Concept Of Education Essay

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Within “The Banking Concept of Education”, Paulo Freire explains how students are suffering from not being able to extend their own knowledge. It only goes as far as filling student’s minds with information and expecting them to memorize everything or like said in Freire’s essay, “receiving and storing deposits” (216). Freire was considered as “one of the most radical educators around the world”. This idea of banking was developed in the 1970’s. Freire believes that education is suffering due to this method of teaching. Within the student-teacher relationship, it involves the narrating subject (the teacher) and the listener (student). The student in reality is just memorizing what they are being taught resulting to turning into just containers that are being filled with the teachers narrators as said in Freire’s essay. The inadequacy of this method of education has effected students in many ways. One of which includes that this “banking” concept of education has never really allowed students to think for themselves. This then leads to problems arsing later on in their lives that can’t be corrected. Real life examples can help support how the “banking concept of education” is penalizing the knowledge of students world wide. Later on in Freire’s essay, he describes an educational system that focuses on freedom for the students and expanding their creativity. This method is called “problem-posing” concept. This allows for more communication within the students and teachers,…

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