The Ballot Of The Bullet Essay

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A few of Malcolm’s Objections to Martin
From another one of Malcolm’s speeches, The Ballot of the Bullet, “The government has failed us. You can’t deny that. Anytime you’re living in the 20th century, 1964, and you walking around here singing ‘We Shall Overcome’, the government has failed you. This is part of what’s wrong with you, you do too much singing. Today it’s time to stop singing and start swinging.” (Malcolm X 1964). The song he speaks of is what was sung during the March on Washington. Malcolm marks this peaceful protest because the March presented an inaccurate, cleansed display of racial synchronization. We must stand up for ourselves first on our own. America is a bully and will continue to bully until we fight back. Malcolm also mocks the peaceful protest of sit-ins. Blacks would enter white restaurants and ask nicely to be served and remain sitting until they were forcefully moved. Bus Boycotts consisted of people sitting and refusing to sit in a designated area of refusing to yield their bus seats to whites until they were forcefully removed. In The Ballot of the Bullet, Malcolm mentions, “As long as you got a sit down philosophy you’ll have a sit down thought pattern. And as long as you thinking that old sit down thought, you’ll be in some kind of sit down action… It’s not so good to what you’re going to do as a sit in. That right there castrates you… a coward can sit, anything can sit. Well you and I been sitting long enough and it’s time for us today to…

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