The Ballad Of Birmingham Poem Analysis

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The article “When School was Scary” and the poem “The Ballad of Birmingham” are alike because both Elizabeth and the little girl are trying to get out and play or go to school, but they aren’t able to. In contrast, they both experience different things like in the article Elizabeth just wants to go to school like everyone else but she gets bullied and abused by other students. But in the poem, the little girl just wants to play and march but her mother worries her and that something will happen to her.
In the article, “When School was Scary”, the author shows the reader that Elizabeth is just a teenage girl who wants an education in school, but she was segregated. Until the Supreme Court let black and white people be in the same public places. So she was able to go to school, but she has gotten bullied and abused badly by other white students. And it has become a problem for her. Elizabeth isn’t welcome to go to school by the white students, in the article it says, “We don’t want you here! Don’t let her in!...Go back to Africa.” This quote from the text shows why people don’t want people like Elizabeth to go to the same public places as
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When Elizabeth was abused she could barely go to school even when she stood up for herself or had the bodyguards protect her. In the poem, it also shows why the little girl’s mother worries, “...For I fear those guns will fire...When she heard the explosion her eyes grew wet and wild”. This proves that her mother didn’t want her daughter to go out and get hurt or worse. When her eyes grew wet and wild it showed that she was very cautious to know if anything had happened to her

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