Evolution Of Slang Essay

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Throughout the many locations in the world, the address of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue to

anyone is probably just another random address. What people do not know is that it is actually

the birthplace of Hip Hop which led to an entire cultural movement that has changed

generational thinking from music and art to fashion and language. Here is how the story goes:

August 11, 1973, Jamaican-born DJ Kool Herc was entertaining at his sisters back-to-school

party in the Bronx, a New York borough. He decided to try something new on the turntables

such as breaking or scratching the beat to allow people to dance longer and started rapping

during the extended music. From there it spread throughout the borough and finally worldwide.

The culture
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The intention is to put more emphasis on another part of the

word rather than its old form. Words boi, phat, and here are examples of this type of slang. Two

more types of slang are conjoined and partial words. Conjoined words are combined for a

reduction of the total number of syllables with words hella and payce. Partial words use only

part of the word to show the whole word such as cuz, feds, popo, and po. When the ending of a

word is replaced with a new suffix it is called replacement suffix. Some examples would be

hizzle, rizzle, shizzle, and tizzle. These slangs could go on and on because over thousands of

them exist.

Hip Hop has helped hundreds of individuals find a way to express themselves creatively

in a society that told them that they didn’t have the talent or the drive” (“All About Graffiti”).

All these facts prove how cultures no matter how big or small affect all aspects of our lives. This

culture has affected so many more matters then have been discussed in this paper. Hip Hop

connects people all around the world with its background and how it has such a diverse

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