The Baby In A Hat Analysis

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Ahlberg, A. (2008). The Baby in the Hat. Somerville: Candlewick Press.
Historical Fiction, Grade Level PreK – 3. Can one action change your life? For the boy who caught the baby in a hat, one action changed his life forever! Though the story is simple, the captivating illustrations elevate the sense of adventure and capture the historical London setting. The boy hero takes his reward and the adventure begins! In a twist of luck or fate, he falls from the London Bridge and into a ship where he battles pirates, serves in the Navy, and even becomes a captain of his own ship. After amassing a treasure, he returns home. Now as an adult, the man happens to look up (whether by luck or fate), and stares into the beautiful eyes of the baby he once saved. Only now, she is a grown woman. The two marry and sail off to have new adventures of their own. But the question remains, is it really true? It just might be!
Brown, M. Stone Soup. (1947/1997). New York: Aladdin Paperbook.
Traditional Literature (Folktale), Grade Level K – 3. How can you share what you don’t have? The villagers find out very quickly in the classic tale, Stone Soup. In this story, three French soldiers find themselves tired and hungry in a foreign land. They are certain the villagers
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One of our country’s most famous presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, faced many challenges in his life. President Roosevelt’s greatest feat wasn’t facing a grizzly bear or outlaws, it was trying to control the actions of his daughter, Alice. This uproarious story describes the life and adventures of Alice Roosevelt. She was never one to shy away from adventure and was always the life of the partner, much to her father’s chagrin. We learn about her pet snake (Emily), her love for diamonds, and her tendency to embarrass her father (even at his own inauguration)! Kerley’s attention to detail highlights the exciting life of Alice, while reminding us that president’s can have problems

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