Milton Meltzer's George Washington And The Birth Of Our Nation

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This book report is based on the 189 page, fictional biography, named “George Washington and the Birth of Our Nation”. The book is written by Milton Meltzer and published by Franklin Watts in 1986. This book is primarily about the evolving life of George Washington and how the atmosphere surrounding George had an effect upon him. In my opinion, the way Milton portrays George’s life gives the reader a breathtaking view into the life of one of America’s most legendary historical figures with almost no flaws to be found.

Though the book is great from cover to cover I found that the first, second, and fourth chapters are the book’s most interesting chapters to me. In the first chapter, he starts off by telling about the American colonies being small with what seems like endless beautiful and pure lands to explore and settle. Then, George’s Father, Augustine, who already has two sons from his first marriage but decides to marry Mary Ball (orphaned at a young age, caused her to become self-centered from a lack of parental control). Eventually, the couple has their first child, George, on twenty-second of February in 1732, he’s the first of five children. While George is still very young his family moves twice before settling down in Ferry Farm across from
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I would best describe his writing as being powerful, breathtaking, affective, and beautifully written. Even though he gives the reader a clear picture of the world around George and the actions George partakes in his lifetime. The answer however forgets to tell in the first chapter that while his father and great-grandfather do end up in court a lot or killed five Indian ambassadors but he waits to mention that they were also members of the justice of the peace or sheriffs and churchwardens in the second chapter. He also has some pictures placed throughout the book that make no sense with the content on the

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