The Aztecs, By Richard Townsend Essay

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The Aztecs is a book in which it illustrates the history of the Aztecs and timeline of events in which lead to the fall of its once powerful empire. The book gives the basic background of the Aztecs culture, civilization, and the evolution of the empire while giving the history of the different emperors that reigned. As stated in this excerpt from the book, “The Aztecs rulers were not abject supplicants, fearing a punitive deity, but active agents performing an essential role in the change of seasons. The long pilgrimage had brought the kings from the floor of the valley, across the lake, and up through chasms to zone of ritual danger on the mountain top.”
The quote from the book gives a brief example of some of the king 's sacred duties as rulers. The Aztec nation established one of the biggest empires in the world. With its illustrious land, architecture, religion, and agriculture.
The author of this book is Richard Townsend. Over the years, “Richard Townsend has done a lot of field research at Aztecs sites. He received his Ph. D from Harvard University and became an expert on pre-Columbian culture. At the time the book was published, he worked at The Art Institute of Chicago as the Director of the department of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.” Townsend gave facts within the text that makes this book a good reference to learn about the Aztecs history. Also provides key points and events leading to the arrival of the spanish men who voyage to their land. Townsend is…

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