Essay about The Axis Powers And The World War II

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On September 1, 1939 yet another chapter of humanity had begun. However, this chapter was filled with the most violent armed conflict in the history of mankind, otherwise known as the Second World War. The reasons why the Axis Powers were not able to win the Second World War was due to their many weaknesses that held them back from world dominance. The weaknesses that the Axis Powers faced were their inability to win major battles, Italy itself was a weakness for the Axis Powers, the Axis Powers were limited by the great distances between Germany, and Japan for the most part, both Germany, and Japan fought separate wars, the final reason why the Axis Powers lost was due to the United States’ entry in the Second World War shifted the momentum towards the Allies, all these reasons concluded with the end of the Axis Powers. Throughout the Second World War the Axis Powers were brought to their knees due to their inability to win major battles. One of the major battles that the Axis could not win was the Battle of Britain. Hitler’s plan to invade the British mainland hinged on Germany first demolishing the Royal Air Force, and winning air superiority over England. With this in mind, the battle for Britain changed into an all-air battle. The German air force, also known as the Luftwaffe consisted of 3,500 planes, however, only 2,600 of the planes were functional, while the Royal Air Force, consisted of 700 fighters, and 400 of the planes were bombers (Blanco 48). Despite the…

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