The Attraction Factors Of Social Psychology Essay

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The Concepts of Relationships in Psychology
Yvette Futch
Nevada State College

The Attraction Factors in Social Psychology In Social Psychology, there are many factors for many types of relationships. Some factors are Interpersonal Attractions, the Environment you are in also the attractiveness between the two as well as Attributions. Saul Mecleod (2007) defines social psychology as, "To understand and explain the behavior of individuals as influenced by other people and the social context in which occurs”. It is a scientific based study which examines behaviors within our society.

Interpersonal Attractions Interpersonal attraction has gone in various directions to answer this question. With many factors, why people are attracted to certain people. Interpersonal Attraction refers to positive feelings about another person. It can be liking, friendship, lust or even love. I am going to focus on love. Interpersonal fascination is all strengths that led individuals to like each other build up a connection and become hopelessly in love. There are few components that impact ways which love and fascination are felt and communicated. There is a typical topic that underlies every one of the speculations of interpersonal fascination and that is fortification. This standard has recently been expressed to be the most fundamental idea in the comprehension of brain science and basic terms it is rewritten even more regularly. At the point when this standard of fortification is…

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