The Atrocities Of The Holocaust Essay

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The atrocities of the Holocaust placed the German Jewish population in a quagmire of antisemitic persecution, but it also spread beyond Germany to affect Jews from surrounding areas. Poland was such a territory. The first nation invaded by Nazi Germany and the last to be liberated, the population of Polish Jews was nearly eradicated. How were the Nazis able to accomplish such a feat in a nation where extreme antisemitism had not been as prevalent? Aside from forcibly introducing antisemitic policy into Poland, the Nazis relied on fear and self-interest to accomplish their goals. For the average Polish Catholic in 1943, a decision had to be made on where they stood regarding the “Jewish problem”. Should they sit idly by and do nothing, or perhaps even assist in the capture of the Jews? Or maybe they could risk everything by hiding and otherwise aiding the Polish Jews. If I were such a Polish Catholic citizen living in 1943 and the opportunity arose to help a Polish Jew, my conscience would allow me to do nothing else. Deciding to aid the Polish Jews is not a decision to be taken lightly. To aid any number of Jews would risk one’s very life. So what would cause an individual to take such a risk and assist the Jews faced with Nazi persecution? Though it may sound contradictory, I would primarily attribute such acts of altruism to selfishness rather than selflessness. Whether I sympathize with the Jews religion or not, I would recognize that what the Nazi’s are doing…

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