Essay On The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre was a violent conflict that occurred on 5th of March 1770 before the start of the American Revolution in Boston, Massachusetts. During the evening hours of that day, a fight broke between British Soldiers and colonial residents at the Customs House on King Street. Due to the tension created by the resentful riot in Boston, British soldiers fired shots at the rioting mob, and as a result, several people were wounded and consequently leading to the death of five American civilians namely Samuel Gray, James Coldwell, Samuel Maverick, Crispus Attucks and Patrick Carr. The Massacre emerged due to the hatred of Bostonians towards the British soldiers which had emerged due to the protest activities of the Sons of Liberty Patriots. …show more content…
These soldiers were quartered in every corner of the city, and their presence in Boston City continuously reminded the citizens of the British’ Attempt to dominate the American Colonies. The massive army presence in the city led to the Boston Massacre and was prompted by British enforcement of the Townshend Acts of 1767. With a total population of 20,000 during the bloodshed, several mob protests both organized and spontaneous gangs protested against that 1767 act. On 4th of March 1770, a day before the Boston Massacre, a clash emerged between some Boston citizens and troops at John Gray’s Ropewalk. Among the British soldiers engaged in the fight was Matthew Kilroy who was responsible for the shooting of Samuel Adams. On the evening of 5th March 1770, the Boston Massacre occurred. This event started when Philip Hugh White, a British soldier, hit a teenager by the name Edward Garrick using the bottom part of his firearm for insulting Captain Goldfinch who was accused of not paying barber 's bill. Upon witnessing the heinous act, a multitude of people assembled and started distressing the two British soldiers for their acts and when the soldiers realized the situation was getting out of hand, the called for reinforcement (Reese,

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