Essay on The Athletics / Sport Team

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My social group was the Athletics/Sport Team in my high school. In accordance to being a member of this social group, there were several norms to follow. Apart from the regular norm associated with being in an Athletics /Sport Team which includes participating in the sport activity you are best at. The other norms were: No food before an event, all sporting equipment/outfits should be returned to the sport room after an event, attending all practice, waking up as early as 5am for exercise/practice every day and resuming earlier than the announced resumption date.
The functions of these norms were; Firstly, to keep the whole team fit and avoid clinical issues before and during an event. Eating before an event makes you heavy and you would not be able to perform well. Secondly, returning the equipment/outfits after events keeps it safe and intact. Thirdly, being present at every practice keeps you as an active member of the team and makes you better at what you do. Fourthly, we wake up at 5am because it’s better to exercise in the morning. Finally, resuming earlier than other students allows us to cover most of our academic work.
I challenged these norms because I didn’t want to join the social group in the first place. This is where the sociological concept of freedom and constraint comes in. I was constrained by my parents to be an Athlete or be on the Sport team. I had the freedom to disobey my parents because I was…

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