The Asylum Seeker And Asylum Seekers Essay

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The recent developments of the political struggle that countries around Europe face that cause nations to be engulfed in a war like state has led many of their countries citizens to flee in order to seek asylum. The ongoing increase of asylum seekers that seek refuge in other countries has led to political disputes of how nation’s governments should handle the situations. This has led to the media to cover stories that focus on the stories of these asylum seekers and to see how they are portrayed. The asylum seeker topic has gone under many views that are portrayed by the media both pro and con for asylum seekers and refugees. This report will discuss the following representation of how the asylum seeker/ refugee topic is presented in our Australian media, and whether it is a negative or positive view.
Source 1:
This is a news article published on the ABC News website by Angela Laviopierre. The news article is more of an informational based article, headlined “More than 150 asylum seekers challenge offshore processing policy in High Court”. The headline itself shows that is meant to present the article in an informative text as the headline is straight forward . The issue that is presented in the article is asylum seekers fighting for their rights to not be detained, and possibly shut down foreign detention centres on the claims Australia does not have the legal power or funding to facilitate them. An informative news article that provides…

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