Observational Learning

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"The Astonishing Range of This Thing Called Learning"

Is learnings subjected to any form of information and memorizing it? Extensive research states that learning is subjected to any-form of information and therefore memorizing the information. These pioneers in learning explore and study in areas such as reflex response; finding that it is involuntary, and is not chosen, or in ones control. And, classical conditioning; one is learning to make an involuntary response to a stimulus (not what was though to be necessarily natural) this produces the reflex. Also unconditioned response (URC) has been stated to be an inventory response in a natural sitting or unconditioned stimulus. The brain is what stores and files this information to be accessed in later points in life. Our physiologist bring a deeper understanding on paper.

Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov was born in the middle of the 19th century. While studying his dogs Pavlov had discovered a stimuli that is
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To modify behavior using a time-out as a mild form of punishment takes the child away from the area he/she is miss behaving. Others seeing this may think twice about making the same mistake. This view falls in the category of observational learning it is basically, monkey see monkey do; learning behavior by watching and observing where the out come is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Which brings Albert Van Bandura 's study on children. He preformed a classical study where he filmed children behaving differently. Such as Bandura would expose one child to another child that was beating up a punching bag doll and the other that was not. Was Bandura seeing if the shaping technique? After removing the children and placing them in separate rooms he observed the child that was previously subjected to violence would also beat up the punching bag where as the child that was not exposed to this behavior would not try to harm or injure the

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