The Aspects Of Rape And Domestic Violence In The Police

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In Tacoma, Washington a police officer killed his wife by shooting her in a parking lot after years of abusing her. This is one of many times a police officer has abused their spouse do to control empowerment. Police departments are very slow to report their own in the case of abuse. As officers should be, they are very protective of one another and have each other’s backs, but when it comes to one of them breaking the law, no matter your ranking you should be reported, stripped of your shield, and incarcerated. It is well known that if a police officer fails a drug test, he is kicked out of the department immediately, but in domestic violence cases, it is very unlikely that they will be punished. Domestic violence already has a low status of being reported, especially when the abuser is an officer. A good example mentioned is that a woman who herself was an officer was being abused by her husband, who also was an officer. When the police were called and showed up, all her husband had …show more content…
Rape and domestic violence are so unreported because more than likely it is by people you are close with and you don’t want them in trouble, especially if they are in the force and you do not want them to lose their job. Even though it is a low reported thing, it needs to be changed to help America overall. Once they are lowered America will be in a better state, and overall much safer. In conclusion, I thank you for writing this article and revealing the problems in are police officer system so that it is made known for anyone that may see the violence. I look forward to reading more of your articles and plan to help spread the awareness as best I can with this article you have written. Again, I thank you for your words of encouragement and awareness to

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