Essay on The Aspect Of Professional Development

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Fourth, considering the aspect of professional development, this experience is not something to neglect. I undoubtedly consider my involvement at the reading council as a beneficial practice that enhanced my teaching skills. For one thing, Davis (1985), mentions that a teacher should make himself/herself available for remedial work at least once or twice a week to help students improve language skills. He considers this meaningful implication to be part of a reasonable list of actions which teachers can undertake to increase student motivation. Working with a student on a one-on-one basis helps the student to gain confidence, engages the student to take risks, improves a better relation with the teacher, and develops in the student’s mind a better self-concept by showing him/her that you have faith in his/her potential (Davis). I anticipate setting up time for remedial work with students when I become a teacher because I strongly believe it makes a difference. It is always rewarding to see what a student can achieve when a student trusts the teacher and shows his/her true ability.
Furthermore, putting into practice the notions learned and seeing positive results, shows the importance of using them with students again. For example, for a listening activity, students should understand what they need to do. Instructions must be clear. Moreover, there is a procedure to follow to make sure this type of activity engages the students in learning. I will not supply a complete list…

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