The As Unwilling Unable Distinction Essay

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The class was assigned to view the Project Implicit which psychologist developed in order to explain the concept “unwilling-unable distinction”. People tend to reflect on what their thinking because they are reluctant or inadequate to do so. For example, if an employee notices a person who gambles at the particular casino everyday and they happened to ask if they have been coming their everyday. The gambler could completely avoids the question all together because they fear being judged and the feeling of embarrassment. Now if the gambler unconsciously says four times a week because he really believes that he lied unknowingly and that is called deception. “The unwilling-unable distinction is like the difference between purposely hiding something from others and unconsciously hiding something from yourself.
The IAT was as a device for exploring the unconscious roots of thinking and feeling. It was made to offer the IAT to interested individuals as a tool to gain greater awareness about their own unconscious preferences and beliefs. The website suggest that people should not use this website to surpass life obstacles especially when they are still molding it to the way they want it to be presented and to work. The results of the IAT may include both components of control and awareness. Being prejudice is when you generally when you have a negative opinion towards an individual or a group. Prejudice is based of off three components affective, behavioral and cognitive. Unlike…

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