The As A Confucian Virtue That Means Knowledge Essay

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Zhi is another Confucian virtue that means knowledge. Knowledge is the base for wisdom. Consequently, only knowledgeable and wise people can use Confucian moral theory benefitting others. The source of moral wisdom is knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Wisdom is the innate knowledge of every person and his/her ability to implement it in practice. One should mention that wisdom is necessary for the practice of moral norms. This part of virtue ethics is the way to achieve the moral order. Confucian moral theory cannot exist without wisdom as it fulfils and enriches it. People should strive for knowledge to be familiar and understand the truths, facts, and principles. Not without reason, Confucius insisted that man could be superior if he had wishes. The person should see clear, express warmth, hear distinctly, and have a respectful appearance, sincere speech, and serious affairs. Zhi includes not only learning but also recognition of the ability to acquire knowledge and achieve wisdom. This virtue is the most crucial one for self-regulation as it leads to the right decisions. Xin is another virtue of Confucian moral theory. It expresses integrity and faithfulness. Xin presupposes keeping one’s word and being faithful. Faithfulness can be cultivated during one’s life. It is supposed to be an indispensable virtue for a human being. Only faithful people deserve survival and they are appointed to some tasks. People who are not faithful are mean and they should be…

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