The Articles Of The Constitution Essay

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In 1787, fifty-five representatives met to draft The United States Constitution. The framers wrote the Constitution in order to equally divide the governing powers between several administrative branches. This way, no branch holds too much power, and each branch holds checks and balances over the others. “By creating three branches of government, the delegates built a "check and balance" system into the Constitution. This system was built so that no one branch of our government could become too powerful.” (Center) The three articles of the constitution are divided among three separate branches: the legislative, executive, and the judicial branch. These branches make up the United States Federal Government. Under the separation of powers, each branch is independent, and has a separate function, which may not disrupt the functions of another branch. Even though each branch is independent, they do correlate with one another. The branches cooperate with one another to prevent opposing branches having too much power. Therefore, each branch serves to contain and modify the power from one another. Each branch has different purposes in order to keep The United States democracy functioning.
The legislative is made up of two houses in Congress- the senate and house of representatives. The legislative is in charge of making laws. When the laws are written, they are then discussed and voted on in congress. According to Ben’s Plan, there are currently one hundred Senators, four hundred…

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