The Articles Of Confederation Contain Great Strengths Essay

1172 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
New Yorkers we would like your attention to what we believe could change the course of this country and our very own freedom. The Articles of Confederation contain great strengths yet it has many weakness, however we believe that we have the solutions to address the flaws. We have noticed that one of the biggest concerns of the people is safety from those who are foreign to us. There are six separate treaties with six separate countries that we have signed, all of them oppose a threat to us and we must be aware of them. If we continue to join and create treaties with other governments, we must be united rather than having individual states create the treaties. The reasoning behind this is for the general government to be more united and well informed of the dangers of the foreign state. Along with being united as a nation in treaties and agreements, we must also be united as a country in terms of national security, as mentioned above many nations may oppose us in the future, as a general nation we need to also unite our arms in any fear of war. Allow the general government form a military which will handle foreign affairs and disputes which may lead to war. Many of you may be concerned that your state will not be protected from the Royal Crown, yet you will be because we’ll have a formed military the people of each state will be secured. In continuing in the idea of unifying our great nation we have proposed to consider a central government in which will help keep the…

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