The Article ' Why Do Language Die? `` By Noah Tesch Essay

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The article “Why Do Language Die?” by Noah Tesch reminds me a conversation that I had with a Cherokee when I visited a Cherokee preservation festival several years ago. The young man I have talked with had told me that they are demanded from the government to adapt the endangered Cherokee culture into their everyday lives, which include their younger generations to learn Cherokee languages along with English. Languages are not only a way to communicate, they also represent different cultural identity and the extent of human diversity. Some people consider language loss alike to specie loss in a way of idea mislay and therefore should be kept spoken and constantly changed over time. The conservation of languages is necessary, however, without much enthusiasm to learn it fully like linguists do, they would not succeed in perfect language conveyance. Their vocabulary and speaking skills have to decay over time surrounded by the English-speaking environment. Preserving languages do not have to be certain on speaking, it can also be efficiently preserved as a form of culture or history for someone who values and have the desire to learn it.
In the first place, simply making the effort in speaking and learning the language would be unrealistic and arduous to pass it down to the future generations due to the surrounded environment as a factor. Languages need to be changed constantly to stay alive, but it would not happen without an extensive numbers of speakers and exchanges. Take…

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