The Article ' Our Football Story ' Should We Let Our Son Play Tackle Football '

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The article “Our Football Story: Should We Let Our Son Play Tackle Football” is written by Michael Lupton. Lupton writes about the growing issue of parents believing that football is too dangerous for their children to participate in. Lupton believes that parents should definitely allow their children to participate in tackle football, and uses research to prove it. The research is unbiased and published by medical professionals. Research shows that youth tackle football simply isn’t as dangerous as people make it out to be. This source will be analyzed and evaluated based on its accuracy, objectivity, and coverage. First, the article has great accuracy. The article covers a very specific subject and all of the conclusions in it are drawn from analyzing data. The study Lupton uses to draw his conclusions come from a recent study called the Youth Football Player Safety Surveillance Study by the USA Football Organization. Medical professionals followed over 4,000 youth football players in 6 separate states over 2 years. During the two years, the medical professionals documented every single injury. The lowest form of injury they documented was a bruise. After the study was concluded, researches realized that youth football wasn’t any more dangerous than most other sports children would be playing at that age. Over 90% of all players didn’t even sustain an injury that resulted in them missing a single practice. This study was the first long-term study over…

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