The Article On Teenage Kids, Sons And Daughters, About Sex, Relationships, And Safety

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In summary, the article is about educating teenage kids, sons and daughters, about sex, relationships, and safety. When a daughter is asked out by a boy for dinner, the parents get concerned about the relationship and get overprotective, taking extreme measures to ensure their child doesn’t do harm or offense towards their own child and their families. “Here’s the thing -- thoughts are not equal to actions ... Rationalizing that young men have overwhelming urges that cloud their judgment and force them to make poor decisions regarding young men/women is nothing more than excusing bad behavior” (Kasey Ferris). Commonly, parents have big concerns about their teenage kids interacting with other teens alike and opposite sex, especially at their age, around 16 years of age average. This cuts both ways to one family with son and another with daughter, and the other way around. However, stereotypically, parents threatening or being judgmental another family’s son or daughter is not a good approach towards teaching and educating teenagers on sex education and relationships. So how does our current education on teenage sexuality impact teenage kids now? And what are the most productive methods in educating our sons and daughters to be more careful and responsible of their own well-being? This matter cannot be taken lightly and carelessly. “Teenage sexuality is not a ‘boy thing’. Teenage sexuality is a teenage thing” (Kasey Ferris). They need to know, learn, and understand on how to…

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