Essay on The Article ' How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

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Imagine waking up on a sunny Saturday morning after a long deep sleep. It is one of the best feelings in the world. Now think about those Monday mornings, getting up early from a short night’s rest. Those can hold some of the worst feelings. Only sleep can have this affect on us. How can an extra hour of sleep change everything? We as humans need a certain amount of sleep and it is unique to every person. Sleep is prominent in our life and we need to learn how to harness the best sleep every day. Over the years the public idea of amount of sleep needed, eight hours, has stayed the same but what most people do not know is they are going off of false information. In the article “How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?” Jim Horne states that in 1913 humans slept for nine hours. The part that is not written in context is that this amount of sleep was for the ages of eight to eighteen. People have thought they were not getting enough sleep and it has passed down the generations. Now, people are getting enough sleep. The problem is they think they are sleep deprived because they believe they are getting less sleep than what is normal. Horne proves that nine hours is not the normal by giving this example, “There have been several large studies over the past 40 years into how much sleep people actually get. The findings show that the average healthy adult sleeps for seven to seven- and-a-half hours a night.” Most adults only need six to seven hours of sleep per night.…

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