Essay on The Art Of 3 D Chalk Drawings On Street Canvasses

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When I was in my sophomore year of high school, my art teacher Mrs. Samally opened my eyes to many different types of art forms throughout the world. One form of art that particularly caught my eye, was the art of 3-D chalk drawings on street canvasses. The way that these artists can portray depth and realism in their art work just baffles me. They can create masterpieces with chalk that I didn’t even think was ever possible before. The artist who predominantly stood out to me the most is an American artist who goes by the name of Kurt Wenner. Kurt was born on June 22, 1971 in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Wenner). Kurt throughout his childhood showed a passion for art and for the great beyond. Before completing high school Kurt produced his first mural, and he was already making a living as a graphic artist (Wenner). After finishing high school, he took his artistic talents to two different colleges for art. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design ant the Art Center College of Design where he would go to extensively study art (Wenner). While in college, due to his two main two interests in life, Kurt got a job that combines the two at NASA. His job at NASA was an advanced scientific space illustrator (Wenner). For his job, he would paint or draw future NASA projects, and extraterrestrial planet’s surface and climate. During his time in college, Kurt knew that he wanted to peruse and learn about the older works of art. Where better to go for old art then Europe? So after…

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