The Art And Science Of Professional Nursing Practice Essays

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The Art and Science of Professional Nursing Practice
Nurses are often the ‘foundation’ of the healthcare industry and the stakes are high when certain qualities must be possessed when working with patients and providing quality care. Nurses have a profound ability to apply strong skill-based knowledge with a caring and compassionate attitude that can improve patient outcomes. They also play an important role that can positively or negatively affect the way patients and family members view healthcare as a whole. Professional nursing practice is an ‘art and science’ when both elements are integrated together to form a unique way of practice, but what does that really mean? The purpose of this paper is to define nursing as an art and science and explain how these two concepts come together to form an extraordinary way to perform professional nursing practice that contributes to the well-being of the patient.
Nursing as a Science
Over the years there have been vast changes in the healthcare industry that require nurses to go above and beyond in their level of expertise in technology and scientific knowledge (Palos, 2014, p. 247). Nurses have to evolve with those changes, therefore they must utilize educational tools and develop skills to keep up with the advancements that hospitals require. Nurses have a responsibility to use their critical thinking skills, make sound clinical judgments, and apply evidence-based nursing practice to achieve optimal results (Palos, 2014, p.…

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