Essay on The Argument Of An Argument

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1. The Rogerian argument came from American psychologist Carl Rogers. He came to a conclusion that once his patients had an idea or argument, they stuck to it, and it was hard for him to change their thought through a rational argument. His theory to influence his patient’s train of thought was by trying to figure out how to drain the conflict in order to influence their attitudes. His work was so relevant that it was used and spread from regions including South Africa and Northern Ireland. In other words Roger’ Theory was known as a “restatement” or “saying back”. In order to have a successful Rogerian argument paper there is a certain formula to follow, (premise + conclusion = argument sense). This theory is more as a communication strategy than an argument. When writing out a Rogerian structure paper it begins with an assumption to found a common understanding between the two parties. In the introduction is where the writer introduces a problem. This may take more than one paragraph. Within these paragraphs the writer needs the stress both sides of the argument. Following the introduction the writer must accommodate to the reader’s views of the problem in a non-bias language. Even though the writer and the reader are not on the same side the writer must describe their views in which there is validation of the reader’s view. For example, the writer’s argument may be that all children must attend public schooling to interact with other children. The reader’s point may be…

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