The Argument For The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana
Johnny Smoke asked his mom to pass the ketchup as he applied a final squirt to his hamburger bun before rushing out of the house to attend baseball practice. While finishing his final bite he grabbed his baseball gear and walked toward the front door to leave. His mom yelled, “Johnny don’t forget your greens.” His friend was waiting for him at the door and thought Johnny forgot to eat his broccoli. His friend was puzzled when he saw Mrs. Smoke toss a bag containing what appeared to be marijuana to her son. This picture may seem comical but many would argue that the time for legalizing marijuana has come. People in favor of legalization raise many arguments to support their stance. The legalization of marijuana has
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As a result, there has been an increase in “drug” driving. Marijuana alters the way humans process things when under the influence of the drug. The drug affects the ability to react to hazards while driving increasing the risk of a crash. One study showed marijuana was the most prevalent illegal drug found in impaired or fatally injured drivers. There is currently no state law, which provides a test limit for what an illegal amount of marijuana in the blood is measured. The test only shows if a person has marijuana in their blood. This is a problem in society making our roads in which we drive dangerous. Legalizing marijuana would only add to the …show more content…
Accidents in the workplace could increase as people are allowed to use marijuana legally. An individual 's work performance could be affected as they may be under the influence in the workplace. In 2012 the states of Washington and Colorado passed laws legalizing marijuana use for adults. The THC content in marijuana is much higher today, which means that there is a longer lasting “high” and higher likelihood for addiction. Using marijuana in the workplace could cause the following: delayed decision making, strange brain function, lack of concentration, time distortion, impaired memory, paranoia, and drowsiness. Impaired employees are not safe employees ("Legalized Marijuana and Its Effect on the Workplace -- Occupational Health & Safety.").
Many argue that legalizing marijuana would allow states to tax the sale of legalized marijuana. The sales tax would then boost revenue for the government. Currently marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Prior case law has determined that states cannot collect a tax on a substance that is illegal under federal law. Therefore, federal law would have to change allowing marijuana to be legalized so that it can be

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