Proposition 64 Marijuana

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Mary Jane. Pot. Weed. Grass. Cannabis. Whatever you call it, marijuana is quickly becoming one of the most controversial topics in our country, or at the very least our state. It is also the main topic of one of the most important propositions we will be voting for this coming November, Proposition 64, otherwise known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This act aims to make it so that the drug commonly referred to as marijuana becomes legal for recreational use in addition to its already legal medical uses. The act would also add some health and safety measures to help regulate the usage of recreational marijuana.
Currently, marijuana is only legally allowed for medical use. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act would legalise the use, possession,
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One prime example is Joy Haviland of the Huffington Post. In an article entitled Why California Should Vote Yes On Prop. 64 To Legalize The Adult Use Of Marijuana, Haviland stated that “moving marijuana purchases into a system with strict packaging, labeling, and advertising standards protects consumers and youth”( Haviland then goes on to point out numerous other benefits of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. She explains that statewide regulations on the drug will help protect not only our state’s natural resources but also the health of all those who will continue to use it. Currently there are no regulations, so people who smoke marijuana are risking “exposure to possible chemicals, toxins, and unknown potency from unregulated products”(Haviland, If marijuana becomes legalised through this act, the manufacture of the drug will be able to become regulated and the aforementioned risk will …show more content…
This is money that the government will be able to use to fund new substance abuse treatment programs for our youth, as well as restoring the parts of our environment that have become tarnished by illegal marijuana plantations. Most importantly we will be able to fund the “[training of] local law enforcement to enforce the new law with a focus on DUI enforcement”(Proposition 64). This may be difficult to do now as we do not have any quick ways of measuring marijuana toxicity on the side of the road, but a researcher at Stanford University has come up with a device that may solve this issue. The device has yet to be named, but Carrie Kirby of Stanford University reports that it “might function as a practical ‘potalyzer’ because it can quickly detect not just the presence of THC in a person’s saliva, but also measure its concentration”( THC is the main chemical responsible for the psychoactive effects marijuana has on the brain. Therefore, if we were able to measure how much of this chemical is in a person’s body, we would be able to get an accurate reading of how intoxicated that person is. While this device is not ready to be mass produced yet, it will certainly become a viable option of detecting marijuana DUI’s in the very near

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