The Area Of Racial Injustice Essay example

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I truly believe that our nation has definitely made progress in the area of racial injustice. One aspect that clearly demonstrates my belief is the fact that segregation and restrictions no longer exist in public. For example, our schools, workplaces, hospitals, basically any functional facility, is freely open for anyone of any race to use and we can all sit together in one room; this is something that never happened in the past and was a critical issue for the longest time. For me to look around my classroom and to see my classmates, as well as myself, sit beside each other in a peaceful manner makes me grateful that we have reached that state as a society. Along with that idea, in general, I believe people of today are more respectful and understanding of cultural differences than in the past. Being that our country consists of numerous ethnicities, I think we have learned to accept that and be more open-minded when exposed to a different culture that is not yours.

2. Wise’s early experiences shaped his view of race and racial injustice. In what ways have your own early experiences functioned in this way?

When I was younger, my parents and grandparents always told me to watch out and be aware of dangerous-looking African-Americans and Hispanics. They would always tell me to keep my eyes open of my surroundings for anyone that looks like a “bad guy.” For the longest time, I always grew up with that mentality, to fear unpleasant African-Americans and/or Hispanics. I…

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