The Application Of The Letter Grading System Essay

1239 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
Learning is suppose to further one 's knowledge and education. The expertise of a students is measured by the giving percentages by the weight his or her scores, which can be disguised as letter grades. Grades are suppose to present how well you are doing in a certain subject however, grades can become the source of competition, and pressure among students. Students, unfortunately, do feel sheer pressure by what the certain grade system we have, and that it could even place much stress for students who trying to succeed. Even though this is a personal issue for some students, the system does not need to change. The letter grading system does not need to be replaced by just a "pass" or "fail" system. The feeling of competition and pressure is actually a good thing because it 's proof that students want to try hard and excel to their fullest. From my experience, the letter grading system we have today actually help our students to become motivated, expanded, and experienced in both life and education. I believe that, if the grading system we have is replaced by just pass/fail grading system, then our students would not work as hard in order to excel for the future.
Grading systems are created for a reason: to represent if we are managing to understand, or if we just need a little help in our subjects. Grades are not suppose to be a fuel of competition however, students do tend to feel that desire of being the upper power. This may sound like a personal problem for our…

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