The Apartheid Of South Africa Essay

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In South Africa, apartheid was a system of racial segregation where the white minority ruled over the majority of black inhabitants, treating them less than human. One man served nearly 30 years in prison fighting for equal rights, his name was Nelson Mandela (1918-2013). His contribution helped bring the end of apartheid and he was a global advocate for human rights. Through many hardships he persevered and by 1994, he was elected president of South Africa. I chose Nelson Mandela because in high school, one of my teachers had a deep appreciation for him and I was very intrigued in what he had to say. Sadly, he has recently past away; however, his ideology spread across the world and it gained him a nobel peace prize.
One of his most famous speeches took place two years after he was in prison.The government charged him with affiliation with the ANC (African National Congress). His newest charges were due to three counts of sabotage, even though he was already in jail and had no part in ANC once he was in prison. At the trial for thirty minutes, he spoke to the whole world about the white regime and its hold on South Africa. According to Max Fisher, from the Washington Post, “It was a recounting of his story to that point, an expression of his views and a morally forceful argument on behalf of his cause.” This was the final words of Nelson Mandela’s speech “I Am Prepared To Die.”
During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have…

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