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There are some people who were just given a special gift from God. Martin Luther King Jr. had many of these gifts. Some of his gifts were being able to trust God and being a very persuasive speaker. Martin Luther King is always a name you associate with segregation, equal rights, or the civil rights movement. He is also sometimes referred to as the starter of the civil rights movement. A quote that relates to his life from himself is, “The time is always right to do what is right”(Martin Luther King Quotes). Another quote from MLK is, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”(Martin Luther King Quotes). Martin Luther King Jr. did many things in order to get equal rights for the African Americans, and because of …show more content…
throughout his life was segregation, racism, and the Jim Crow laws. Almost everyday Martin took the bus to school, and because of the laws he had to sit in the back, everytime. If the bus was filled, and a white person wanted to get on he was kicked off. Martin also didn’t believe in violence, so he used peaceful protest, but in order for this to be effective it has to be a very good idea, or getting many people to help. Because of these protests many people began to hate MLK, one person threw a firebomb onto the porch of his house, but this didn’t stop him or slow him down. Martin was arrested when he was driving in Georgia, because he had an Alabama license, then was sent to prison. In total Martin Luther was put into jail 29 times. In fact, one time when he was thrown into jail, he had to be in a dark prison cell with no windows for eight days by himself. Another firebomb incident happened, but this one was thrown onto his brothers porch. Although the KKK did not take credit, it is almost 100 percent known that it was them. Minutes later, again more than likely by the KKK, Gaston Motel, which is home to King’s headquarters, was bombed. Through his work during the civil rights movement, Martin was continuously getting death threats or tapes telling him to end his own life. But none of this stopped him, he overcame the doubters and did what he always dreamed …show more content…
He made people not look down onto colored people, but on the same level as them. He helped people get jobs, and at these job he helped them get equal pay. He said that anyone can be friends with anyone, and reason for this. Even though he was more focused on blacks, he still made other colored people equal as well. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela were two people who worked for equal rights in their country’s. Both led peaceful protests, and said speeches to get people to help them on their journey. The protests that led to the equality for these countries, were mostly headed by the leaders. Also throughout their lives, both were jailed multiple times. A difference between King and Mandela is Martin was a minister at a church, while Mandela held a more important part in his country, as he was a president.
Martin Luther King Jr. arguably made one of the biggest impacts in history. He changed the lives of black for the better. He made us know that everyone is equal. This is why Martin Luther King Jr. deserves to be in The History Hall of

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